Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why do you have such a cheap, crappy website?

It is because we are cheap people, and we are near-strangers to technology. If you find it sometimes difficult to navigate back from our FAQ and IAQ pages, it is because our webmaster is no master at all -- he barely even rates as an apprentice. He is, in fact, somewhat less smart than a doorknob, and somewhat less useful too (especially if you're fixing to open a door).

We are not overly concerned about this; if we were an organization of Information Superhighway enthusiasts, we would be called the Tungsten Technology & Computation Society. We are, in the end, simply practitioners of the more ancient arts -- shouting, jumping, painting, typewriting -- and this website is, far from a showcase for our technical prowess, merely our humble attempt to communicate information to you. Forgive us, dear reader, we are RTFM-ing, as the lingo goes, as we go along.


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